How do I book my self defence training?
1. Choose a SERVICE that suits you. We have a comprehensive list to choose from HERE. Can’t find what you are looking for in services? Contact Jess direct to enquire further.
2. Choose a SESSION that best suits your needs.
3. Read our BEFORE BOOKING section to be best prepared to discuss your booking with Jess.
4. Email Jess via CONTACT, include your phone number so she can call you within 24 hours of enquiry.

How much does it cost?
As sessions vary from group to group, fees need to be negotiated.
Fees can be based per person, per group or per hour.

Where is SDWJ?
Jess comes to you, Australia wide.  Costs incurred for travel outside of Melbourne.

I want to attend on-going self defence classes. Where can I find them?
Weekly ongoing classes are available for private clients in limited supply. Contact to book your recurring time slot.