Before booking your session, Jess will consult with you personally to specifically address your wants, needs and requirements.

To consider before booking:

– Desired outcomes of session.
– What age are the attendees?
– How many students will attend?
– Males, females, mixed attending?
– Venue size and safety (your hall, boardroom, outdoor area, facility, training centre etc?
– Venue required for session?
– Specific course content required (if any)?
– Specific items to not be raised (trigger warnings, age sensitive content)?
– Motivation for attending? Yours? Attendees? (compulsory vs. voluntarily)
– Ages of attendees? Mixed? Over 16? u16?
– Physical restrictions (if any) of attendees.
– Attire of attendees (corporate? sporting?)
– Budget? Per person vs. group. Per session vs. hourly.

Jess will help you with all your enquiries to ensure all of your needs are fulfilled. Contact now.